Nearby METAR Reports


NZAA - Auckland Intl Ar, New Zealand
Distance from station: SW 18km
Updated: 16/06/2019 18:30
Light rain, Mostly cloudy
Light rain, Mostly cloudy
 Wind from WSW
Wind: WSW 20 km/h
Temperature: 13°C
Dew Point: 11°C
Humidity: 88%
Barometer: 1014 hPa
Summary: Light rain
Clouds: Mostly cloudy
Visibility: 10 km
Cloud details: Few Clouds 914 m
Partly cloudy 1341 m
Mostly cloudy 2134 m
2019/06/16 06:30 NZAA 160630Z AUTO 24011KT 9999 -RA FEW030/// SCT044/// BKN070/// 13/11 Q1014 RERA TEMPO 6000 SHRA
NZWN - Wellington Intl, New Zealand
Distance from station: S 493km
Updated: 16/06/2019 18:30
Few Clouds
Few Clouds
 Wind from W
Wind: W 6 km/h
Temperature: 11°C
Dew Point: 6°C
Humidity: 72%
Barometer: 1007 hPa
Clouds: Few Clouds
Visibility: 10 km
Cloud details: Few Clouds 1829 m
2019/06/16 06:30 NZWN 160630Z AUTO 26003KT 9999 FEW060/// 11/06 Q1007 BECMG FM0730 36010KT
NZCH - Christchurch Int, New Zealand
Distance from station: SSW 759km
Updated: 16/06/2019 18:30
Patches of fog, Clear
Patches of fog, Clear
 Wind from N
Wind: N 2 km/h
Temperature: 3°C
Dew Point: 3°C
Humidity: 100%
Barometer: 1006 hPa
Summary: Patches of Fog
Clouds: Clear
Visibility: 1 km
2019/06/16 06:30 NZCH 160630Z AUTO 01001KT 1300 R02/P2000N R20/P2000N BCFG NCD 03/03 Q1006 TEMPO 2000 BR
YSNF - Norfolk Island A, Australia
Distance from station: NW 1091km
Updated: 16/06/2019 19:00
 Wind from E
Wind: E 11 km/h
Temperature: 15°C
Dew Point: 10°C
Humidity: 72%
Barometer: 1021 hPa
Clouds: Clear
Visibility: 10 km
2019/06/16 07:00 YSNF 160700Z AUTO 09006KT 9999 // NCD 15/10 Q1021